ByTheMinute Live

ENG 39/1 (5) Andile Phehlukwayo is into the attack and is greeted with a four from Malan. Oooh - Hales hits one in the air but is falls short of the fielder. Right, I know more about Malan now, he hits them hard! Another four. A wide helps the score.

L22/51 - RED FLAG

L21/51: Stewards looking at the Hamilton and Vettel incident. Rightly so too. Interesting if it's too shunty a stop from Hamilton, or just a racing incident. Lots of bits seemed to litter off the front of Vettel's car, but it doesn't look too bad actually now. Alonso now calling for a red flag on team radio, and has basically called this track too dangerous.

Sergio claws it in the middle, he leads on -16

L21/51 - That's as good as I can do. A tricky one to explain all of this. I'd love to see the Hamilton and Vettel contact before the restart, looks as though Hamilton really shunted on the brakes.

Bland putting from off the green like an old man. I know because I would have putted it.

Right, let me try and recap that last start: - Vettel into the back of Hamilton as they prepared for restart. Vettel front wing damage - Vettel hangs on into T1 under pressure from Massa and Perez - Massa passes Perez - Perez then going slow on the outside, Ocon tries to squeeze past, contact between both - Perez Out - Ocon still in - Raikkonen picks up debris, rips his floor. Out.

Karlberg, in a beret, will have an eagle putt on 18 to give him a sneaky outside chance

ENG 26/1 (4), Malan 12*, Hales 5* Malan does play some nice shots and gets it through the infield but it is stopped before it gets to the rope. And a second time to the other side of the ground. Morkel then hits him on the shoulder.

Sergio to 9 feet, chance to take the lead but his putter needs to warm up