ByTheMinute Live

Into the net from rafa! 0-15 Wide from Monfils! 15-15 It's just long from Monfils. 30-15 Nadal takes a backhand and just about gets it back in, not only that, it hits the line and is a winner! 40-15 Rafa holds.

Monfils comes to the net and Keeps smashing Rafa's high shots till Monfils wins. Ace. 30-0 Monfils hits it just long. 30-15 40-15 Monfils holds.

Forehand down the line from Monfils! 0-15 Big rally! Gael forces Nadal to come to the net and Gael hits it right past Nadal! 0-30 Into the net from RAFA! 0-40! Triple Break Point! 1 BP saved, Monfils returns serve long. MONFILS BREAKS! 3*-2

Wide from Monfils. 0-15 Monfils comes tot he net, Rafa Lobs, Monfils smashes into the net! 0-30 Ace. 15-30 Long from Monfils! Challenged, but late, score called, then challenged, Rafa not happy, but it's out anyway. 15-40 30-40 Monfils gets a beautiful forehand insideout cross court winner! ADV Monfils. Double Fault! Deuce Long from Nadal! ADV Gael Monfils holds. 2-2*

Long from Monfils. 15-0 Monfils couldn't get to the ball fast enough and hits it way wide. 30-0 Monfils returns serve long. 40-0 Nadal holds easily.

Slightly long from Nadal. 15-0 Long from Monfils. 15-15 Into the net from Nadal. 30-15 Monfils comes to the net and Smashes a high ball from Nadal. 40-15 Monfils holds.

Just long from Monfils. 15-0 Wide from Monfils. 30-0 40-0 Nadal with an amazing hold to love.

ACE! 139MPH That's one of the top 70 fastest recorded serves ever. GAME SET MONFILS 6-4

Double Fault! ADV NADAL! Fault 3, Monfils Net play making Rafa hit it in the net makes it Deuce. Just long from Monfils in the middle of a normal rally, challenged! IN! Deuce 11pm now in Melbourne. ACE! ADV GAEL! SET POINT! Into the net from Monfils. Deuce

One BP saved from some amazing Net play. Second with an Ace! 134 mph 212KPH Back to DEUCE!