ByTheMinute Live

Right, well that'll do me. Anthony Hart will be with you tonight for Salford v Saints, while I return tomorrow early on to bring you North Queensland v Souths, cyclone-permitting.

The Dogs deserved that, they really played with pride. After such a poor performance last week, they came back and fought to take the victory in horrendous conditions. Brisbane offered very little and will be disappointed. Milford again was rubbish.


79' Boyd to Moga to Oates but there's no getting through. Brisbane keep it alive for ages and eventually get to a kick, but Montaya thwacks it behind.

78' Dogs caught in possession but Brisbane need to go 98m to win this.

77' Reynolds is over but Blair holds him up. It'll wind a few seconds off the clock anyway.

77' Kasiano takes a superb carry that takes on 5, fending off three or four, before going to ground 20 out. He's hurt and there's a penalty, though I'm not sure what for because it looked fine.

76' The chip and chase, the last refuge of the scoundrel. Ben Hunt tries it and overruns the bounce. Frawley drops on the ball.

75' Brett Morris drops a ball on the last, 10 from the Brisbane line. Until that, it was a 100% completion rate in the second half from Canterbury. In these conditions, that is exceptional.

74' Brisbane have no more interchanges, the Doggies have two. Kasiano is one of them, he replaces Tolman for the conclusion. Morris J puts in a smart grubber for his twin to chase, Roberts has to put it behind.