Good evening/early morning @stephenflorentz here to finish out the First Four with the Michigan Wolverines vs. the Tulsa Golden Hurricane.

The starters for Tulsa will be: G #3 Harrison G #10 Woodard G #11 Birt F #1 Smith F #44 Swannegan

Michigan starters: G #10 Walton Jr. G #12 Abdur-Rahkman G #21 Irvin G #22 Robinson F #34 Donnal

Major narrative tonight is Tulsa proving they belong here. Nearly all experts and even some Tulsa players expected to be playing in the NIT

The NIT could be considered the Europa League of college basketball with this tournament being the Champions League.

Crowd seems to be a mix of Michigan fans cheering Michigan and Ohio State fans (their arch rival) booing Michigan.

Tip-off in less than 5 minutes

Michigan in yellow going left to right. Tulsa in blue going right to left.

Tulsa travels for a TO on their first possession.

Robinson nails a 3 for Michigan on their first possession.