Apple Launch Event



I'm @GoonerMV.... This is the Apple Launch Event. Much excitement on the menu. Most of which you've probably already read about.

Tim Cook is in da house. Cue massive cheers. But before we truly begin... A poem for #WorldPoetryDay.

Before we get going, And I get destroyed, I feel I should point out, I've got an Android. So er.... Team Apple?


Oh, you've started. No live indicator. But I am using android, maybe its a protest by my tablet.

A billion Apple devices in use around the world. Cook now showing off about standing up to the US Government. What a trooper.

Now settle in.... a talk about the environment. That's not a concept made up by China by the way, if you're following Mr Trump.

Goal is to become 100% renewable worldwide. That was two years ago. Currently at 93%. These countries are at 100%. USA. USA. USA.

99% of paper.... and then some absolute nonsense I couldn't understand. Something about recycling. Caroline Lucas will be thrilled.

Meet Liam. Some terrifying robot thingy. Takes iPhones apart, piece by piece, enabling materials to be reused. Go on Liam lad.

Cheers Lisa.... glad Apple are single handedly saving the environment. Back to Tim. Who has passed on to a certain Geoff/Jeff. Health time.

ResearchKit the centre of attention. Done some brilliant work on Type 2 Diabetes, making steps with autism as well. Really good to see.