FIFA Interactive World Cup: Final Showdown



EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVENING!!! I'm @GoonerMV..... and boy are you in for a treat. The FIWC Final. Life doesn't get any better.

First up, we'll have the semi-finals. And then.... THE FINAL. One leg on PS4, the other on Xbox One. Then we have a winner. Got it?

Here are those going for the ... glory? On the PS4.... We have Lapanje from Sweden, and Al-Bacha from Denmark. Battle of Scandanavia.

Roddy Graham

This one will be tight. I reckon Lapanje in extra time. Al-Bacha will go too gung-ho over 120 mins. Maybe.

Matt Verri

You're the expert. Will fatigue set it for Al-Bacha then? Sore thumbs? Broken nails?

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And on Xbox... WE HAVE SEAN ALLEN!! OF ENGLAND!! WE'RE GOING TO WIN THE WORLD CUP!! G'WAN SEANY LAD!! He's playing Bance. From France.

Roddy Graham

Did you watch Allen's semi final? 5-3 in the end. A mental game.

Matt Verri

Excellent... I want end-to-end football. No long ball, parking the bus.

This will be covered on Sky Sports 1. And there are those who say BT Sport put Sky to shame with their content. Non. Sense.

Lovely little montage taking place now. Brings a tear to the eye. Lampard featuring. AND THERE'S SEAN ALLEN!!! LET'S GO SEAN.

Winner gets $20,000 and a trip to the Ballon D'Or. Not bad for a couple of days of playing FIFA. Reminder of the two-legged final.

Predictions for teams to be used? I'll give you a clue. One will probably be Brazil. The other will probably be Argentina.

Analysts? YOU WHAT?! Spencer FC in the booth alongside an American. Spencer... you're better than this. Maybe.

GET ON WITH IT!! They're not analysing anything. In the 'Hashtag Battle', Lapanje wins. I literally could not care less about that.