Rugby U


34- Farrell not even close with the extras, 12-0 the score.

36- Once again Exeter scrum in all sorts of trouble, Saracens earn a pen off the Chiefs feed. 12-0

37- Not exactly a thrilling spectacle this but it very rarely is with tough conditions and Saracens playing. 12-0

39- Exeter have earned themselves a penalty and Steenson will have a shot to reduce the gap going into the break. 12-0

39- First points for the Chiefs, 20 seconds to halftime. 12-3

40- Farrell nails the kick straight out and we will have time for a scrum. 12-3

41- Solid Exeter scrum, it's on halfway I think Steenson will have a shot here and he is. 12-3

It's a 52m kick and it's over, super stuff from Steenson, half time: Saracens 12-6 Exeter

Not a thrilling half of rugby but Saracens by far the better side and deserve the lead

Exeter will be disappointed, they had the wind in that half and didn't really use it, tough ask from here