Premier League Darts: Cardiff



JW 3-1 GA. First maximum of the night to Anderson, can't finish 76 but gets to come back and bust 8! Another let off, and holds on d1.

JW 4-1 GA. Both players have decent attempts at 100+ finishes, but it's Wade that comes back and tidies his up with one dart. Looks good.

JW 4-2 GA. Better from Anderson, another maximum and only needs the one dart at d20. Slow start from Wade in next leg too.

JW 4-3 GA. Anderson improving - got ahead in that leg, slight wobble as the end was in sight, but nice 63 two darter to break back.

JW 4-4 GA. Players trade 180s, but it's Anderson that holds to tie things up. Three legs in a row now.

JW 5-4 GA. Maximums apiece again, Wade sets up d12 with Anderson on 170 - the Scot can't take that out, Wade holds.

JW 5-5 GA. 180, 171 from Anderson leaves 52 after 9, make that an 11 darter. Good match this, solid performances from both players.

JW 5-6 GA. Anderson battering the t20 now, steals the darts from Wade, takes out 81 and he'll throw for the match.

JAMES WADE AND GARY ANDERSON DRAW 6-6! Brilliant last leg from Wade, including a maximum and a calm 62 finish to tie it up. Fair result.

Both players looked good there, both look good shouts for a place in the semis. Next up - Taylor v Smith.