Premier League Darts: Cardiff



Some stats for the last match (bit sketchy, usual source playing up!):

Smith and Taylor on stage, this one of the key matches of the night - if Smith wins, there's even more pressure on Chisnall/Thornton.

Smith with the throw - game on!

MS 1-0 PT. Great start for Smith - first five perfect! Taylor joins in with his own 180, and has a chance at d6. Misses, Smith holds.

MS 1-1 PT. Taylor has missed four darts at a double - but hits with the fifth for the hold. Smith wasn't too far away though.

MS 2-1 PT. Great 112 out from Smith, Taylor looking very average so far though - a chance for Michael?

MS 2-2 PT. Sorry Michael - Taylor hits his second 180 then checks out 90. That was more like it.

MS 2-3 PT. I'm starting to feel guilty now - another maximum and an 80 checkout gives Taylor the leg. Smith is out if he loses.

MS 3-3 PT. Didn't see that coming - Taylor cruising, has three at 48 - can't take it out, Smith sweeps in with d15 and the break back.

MS 4-3 PT. Smith hits bull-bull to come back for 32, which he gets. Taylor had darts for leg though, having a little dip.