Premier League Darts: Cardiff



MS 4-4 PT. Straightforward hold for Taylor that time, no real pressure applied by Smith. Smith starts own leg slowly too...

MS 5-4 PT. Smith in trouble until he hits the maximum to leave 70. Gets it too, one leg away from staying alive, for the moment at least.

MS 5-5 PT. Taylor starts with five perfect to pretty much sew the leg up on his throw. Hits 84 for the 11 darter.

MS 5-6 PT. Smith started the leg well, but some poor scoring let Taylor in, and he hits 80 to move a leg away from the win, on his throw.

PHIL TAYLOR WINS 7-5! Valiant effort from Smith, as he nearly hits 130 - misses bull. Taylor, however, doesn't miss 124.

So that means Smith is out and will finish bottom of the league to boot. Looks a little emotional, understandable I suppose.

Decent effort from Smith tonight, but, to coin a phrase, the table doesn't lie.

Stats from the match:

So Taylor, for the moment at least, heads the table. Next up, Chisnall v Wright with the former needing at least a point.

BREAKING NEWS! Chisnall, in his yellow shirt, is dressed more brightly than Wright, who's going for a more monochrome effect.