Premier League Darts: Cardiff



It's Chisnall with the throw - game on!

DC 0-1 PW. Slow start from both as regards finishing, it's Wright who finally gets there for the break - not what Chisnall needed.

DC 1-1 PW. Much, much better from Chisnall - hits 180s on second and third visits, Wright misses his finish, immediate break back with d9.

DC 1-2 PW. Much, much worse from Chisnall! Poor scoring gives Wright an opening, and it's a pretty easy break.

DC 1-3 PW. Wright looking very relaxed as he hits 65 in two darts. Chisnall looking a beaten man already at times.

DC 2-3 PW. Chisnall looks better there, decent scoring and hits the 101 checkout. He's having some bad luck - four on the floor so far.

DC 2-4 PW. Needed three at d16, but Wright holds. Thornton will be loving this, he could be safe before he's on the oche.

DC 3-4 PW. That was nearly that - Chisnall wins with a 102 out with Wright sitting on a simple one. Only for the hold though.

DC 3-5 PW. Wright hits his first 180 of the evening, well ahead, 32 left - two darts needed. Only 60 to kick off next one from Chisnall...

DC 3-6 PW. That could seal it. Wright starts with a 180, Chisnall with two double digit scores. Wright takes throw, easy win.