Premier League Darts: Cardiff



DC 4-6 PW. He's hanging on! That's a break after Wright misses a few darts at a double, Chisnall starts next leg with full house too!

DC 5-6 PW. Hold for Chisnall after Wright nearly hits his 170 chance. Here we go then - Chisnall needs this against the throw.

PETER WRIGHT WINS 7-5! Chisnall had a chance - scoring OK, but couldn't hit 136, Wright only needed one at d18.

So that's Chisnall out - a couple of weeks ago that didn't seem very likely, but Thornton earned it with his performance last week.

The updated table:

And the stats from the match, another decent average from Wright.

So next up, it's Lewis v Thornton. Guesing Thornton will be a little more relaxed than he thought he might be...

Players on stage, it's Thornton with the throw - game on!

RT 1-0 AL. Good start to the match, good quality, good rhythm. Thornton holds, just needs one at d12 after big set up shot.

RT 1-1 AL. First maximum of the match goes to Thornton, and poor scoring from Lewis gives him a chance...can't take it, Lewis holds with 56.