Premier League Darts: Cardiff



RT 1-2 AL. Hmmm, the quality has dropped after first leg, despite a 180 from Thornton. Has a chance, but earlier rubbish means Lewis breaks.

RT 1-3 AL. Three consecutive legs for Lewis, who's starting to look a little more comfortable. Averages just struggling over 90 though.

RT 2-3 AL. Decent hold for Thornton as Lewis can't take the slim chance offered by a three digit outshot.

RT 2-4 AL. Commentator notes it's a scrappy match, which is exactly what I was about to say, almost an anti climax. Lewis holds.

RT 3-4 AL. A near 170 from Thornton - missed bull - would have been nice, but we have to settle for a hold for the Scot.

RT 3-5 AL. First 180 for Lewis leaves 84, doesn't get it but some way ahead, second visit does the job. One leg from a point.

RT 4-5 AL. Better stuff then, Thornton starts with a 180 and throws for an 11 darter. Doesn't get it, Lewis nearly hits 170 - Thornton hold.

RT 4-6 AL. That should have been a break for Thornton, has three at d18 and can't take advantage. Lewis holds on.

ADRIAN LEWIS WINS 7-4! Thornton has a chance at 72, but misses d20. Lewis takes the break and match, and looked reasonably steady.

Stats, decent checkout stuff for Lewis, who now moves to fourth in the table.