Premier League Darts: Cardiff



So, last match coming up, the double Dutch affair between van Gerwen and Barney.

Here we go then, players on the stage for the final match of the night, it's Barney with the throw - game on!

RVB 0-1 MVG. Great start for van Gerwen with a break of throw - hit 86 for the out after starting with t1!

RVB 1-1 MVG. Well, van Gerwen made a mess of that leg - some very low scores, then couldn't finish - Barney hits d6 to break straight back.

RVB 2-1 MVG. Five perfect from Barney, who's looking much the better at the moment, some dross from MVG.

RVB 3-1 MVG. van Gerwen nearly hits 124, misses d11 by a distance though and then Barney sweeps in for 81 and the break!

RVB 4-1 MVG. Better from van Gerwen who hits two 180s in the leg. Barney gets one too though, and hits 80 to move three legs ahead!

RVB 4-2 MVG. First hold for van Gerwen, it was reasonably comfortable too. Barney knows he just needs to hold throw though to win.

RVB 5-2 MVG. Another 180 for Barney, has six from 124. Sets up d16, and only needs one at it. Looking very good here, is Barney.

RVB 5-3 MVG. van Gerwen hits a 180 and 170 on the way to holding throw, but it's been too sporadic from him this evening.