Premier League Darts: Cardiff



RVB 6-3 MVG. Another maximum for Barney, MVG gets close to bull for a 124 but it's Barney that holds and will not be beaten tonight.

RVB 6-4 MVG. Hold for van Gerwen, needs a break in the next leg - doesn't take advantage of a slow Barney start.

RVB 6-5 MVG. And there it is! Barney can't hit d16, and MVG, who's got better as the match has gone on, is there for the break.

RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD AND MICHAEL VAN GERWEN DRAW 6-6! Slight anti climax in the end, van Gerwen got a long way ahead and held easily.

Stats for the last match - the van Gerwen average really climbed in the last few legs:

Barney should have won that really, played so well until the last couple of legs.

So, all tonight's results and the table:

So it's Sheffield next week as the race for the play-offs takes centre stage. See you then - have a good week, @Ugster1 signing off!