World Series



That seems like a good time to wrap things up. Thanks for your company, enjoy your week - @Ugster1 signing off!

So that's another title for MVG, but he was pushed all the way. Real quality inthe final, pleasure to watch it.

@crispy_180 Standard does seem to be getting higher and higher.

@IngoPickenacker Ah, that takes me back...

£15,000 for the runner up, well played Peter Wright. £30,000 for MVG. Great final!

Presentation on the way. Stats:

van Gerwen brilliant in those last two legs - the 129 checkout under pressure was fantastic.

MICHAEL VAN GERWEN WINS 11-10! 11 darter to take the title!

Wright on 121, but MVG sitting on 50...Wright misses!

Maximum from MVG! Two 140s from Wright, 134 from MVG...