World Series



Right, back again, Wright with darts in this session - hold his own throw and he's in the final. Steady start, three 100s

...Taylor with 109 chance, can't take it, Wright leaves tops - nailed, two legs away - 9-7.

Poor leg from both, but nice two dart 80 finish from Taylor for the hold. 8-9.

Another leg lacking a bit of quality - understandable tension, Wright has six from 161. Leaves 56 with first three, two more to finish!

A maximum from Wright gets him first to finish on Taylor throw. Taylor hits a 180, Wright misses his chance! Taylor holds - 9-10

Some slack darts from Wright in 20th leg, but has six from 195 for win...100 with first three.

...can't take out 95, Taylor has chance at 109...not even close! Wright for 56...


Easy finish in the end, two dart 56. Deserved win, Taylor never looked too comfortable despite good average. Stats imminently...

And here they are: