World Series



Wonderful stuff from MVG, as he takes out the 170 finish! What a session for Wright though - 5-5 into the break.

Great final so far. Updated stats:

Wright with darts in 11th leg, starts with a 180 and stays a ask able distance ahead. Gets tops for 6-5 lead.

Maximum from van Gerwen, followed by a 145, leaving himself 36 for 10 darter...misses, Wright on 164, gets the two t19s but not bull...

Both make a mess of small finishes, and van Gerwen holds to level it up at 6

Ooh, MVG nearly breaks with a 152 - just misses d16 - Wright holds. 7-6. MVG then hits only 31 to start his leg...

...but Wright doesn't take advantage. MVG hits a 180 to leave 50, can't hit it, 101 for Wright...just misses d12! Hold for MVG, 7-7

MVG starts with 180, steals darts from Wright. Leaves 90. Just misses tops, but will come back...gets break, leads into break 8-7

Stats - pretty close in every category...

Back after break, MVG starts 16th leg. Wonderful 116 finish from Wright gets the immediate break back - 8 each now!