Wrestlemania 32



Hey everyone. @jodyjamieson here, to be joined by @blahway, @martyngnr and @jamesev_ shortly. It's WRESTLEMANIA!!

David McGuinness

If you weren't already HYPE, this video will get you there.

JJ: Pre-show gets underway in just a couple of minutes. I'm hyped. Hope everyone else is too!

JJ: For those joining us for the pre-show, we have three matches. Kalisto defends the US Title vs Ryback first.

David McGuinness

The real main event.


The Big Guy has this sewn up.

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JJ: We have the Usos vs the Dudleys, and Team Total Divas vs Team Bad and Blonde in a 10 woman tag.

DM: @blahway here. Checking in. The Kick-Off is about to...kick off.

JJ: And the pre-show is live!

DM: The arena looks great. And MASSIVE.

Jody Jamieson

Unbelievable. It looks incredible, and there's maybe 1,000 people in the building now.

David McGuinness

Yeah, they'll want some people in there before having a match, I'd think.

MC: @martyngnr checking in. The place looks amazing. As Gorilla used to say "This will be a happening"

DM: Have heard that there have been some issues with crowd control and people getting into the building. It's almost empty right now.

DM: Renee, Booker and Lita on the panel.