McGladrey Classic



So you check on scores before you think you're doing back 9 on US Golf. You've missed the time though, haven't you ? @EmmettKeane here.

There are 5 holes left in Kevin Kisners coronation at the RSM Classic in Sea Island, Georgia.

You wanna leaderboard? I gotta the leaderboard.

I'll be back to you if Kisner suffers a stroke or a similar malady. Otherwise you can presume this is done.

Kisner still in the full of his health.

Kisner leads by 5. 1 hole to go. My money is on him.

Kisner can afford to be winged by a sniper and still win. Despite US tv trying to make something of the last hole.

Kisner on the 18th green in regulation. He's finished in top 2 in 5 of his last 20 starts. It's impressive to be fair.

Kisner is a Georgia Bulldog apparently. Whatever that is or what relevance it has to anything.

This coverage from US would make a man want to vomit. Everyone has a baby on the way/great family man/likes dogs. Christ above.