North Carolina



It's 2am in the morning in the UK, but this will be worth getting out of bed for. It's the National Title Game VILLANOVA v NORTH CAROLINA

I am Stephen Clark and it's my pleasure (I Think) to call this one for By The MIn Sport tonight. So who's your pick for this one?

I Picked North Carolina before the tournament started so I'll be sticking with them.

However Villanova gave notice that they are a real threat with a record breaking semi-final win over Oklahoma on Saturday night.

Tip off is in about 15 minutes - The teams are entering the NRG Stadium now in front of 75,000 fans.

As usual there is always a story behind these games and tonight is no exception as for the first time ever, brothers will face each other.

Villanova's Kris Jenkins and UNC's Nate Britt are brothers through adoption so there will be split loyalties in that family tonight.

And to show that there is no favouritism here is the shirt their mother will be wearing.

We have had the National Anthem and we are about to see the starting fives introduced to the crowd.

Villanova up first : Kris Jenkins Daniel Ochefu Josh Hart Ryan Arcidiacono Jalen Brunson