Premier League Darts



RT 1-0 PW. Straightforward hold for Thornton, decent scoring and only one dart for finish too.

RT 2-0 PW. Thornton starts with a maximum, poor scores from Wright give him a chance to break...which he takes!

RT 3-0 PW. Wright hits his first maximum, and looks like he might break back - but Thornton holds with a 113 checkout!

RT 3-1 PW. Thornton playing really well here, very good scoring, looking confident - but Wright hits 120 to hold and stay in it.

RT 4-1 PW. Wright looking out of sorts, but that shouldn't detract from how Thornton's playing - takes out 71 for a three leg lead.


RT 5-1 PW. Couldn't get the perfect leg, and Thornton also got a 180. Wright can't finish though, and Thornton breaks again!

RT 6-1 PW. The previous leg an outlier for Wright tonight, he's all over the place. Another hold for Thornton to guarantee a point.

RT 6-2 PW. Wright takes the leg with Thornton taking a bit of a break, it seems. Starts next leg with a 140.

ROBERT THORNTON BEATS PETER WRIGHT 7-2! Great performance from Thornton, topped off with an easy hold to take the points,