Premier League Darts



That's a bit of a blow, possibly a terminal one, to Wright's hopes of making the final four. Deserved win for Thornton.

Usual stats source playing up, so make do with these for now...

Next up, it's Taylor v Barney. 21 world titles and 7 Premier League titles between them. Not bad.

Barney did beat Taylor earlier in the season, a repeat would be handy tonight. Barney to throw first - game on!

RVB 0-1 PT. Taylor starts with a 180, both players on 121. From there, RVB misses two darts at a double, and it's the early break for Phil.

RVB 0-2 PT. Chance for Barney to break back immediately, but can't hit 96 - Taylor tidies up 25 to hold.

RVB 1-2 PT. He's off the mark - holds despite some poor finishing. Taylor starts next leg with the maximum.

RVB 1-3 PT. Taylor bets than Barney won't hit the 170 he has left, and he's right to - does take him three at d16 for the hold though.

RVB 1-4 PT. 11 dart leg for Taylor, that's another break and he's starting to look very good.

RVB 1-5 PT. Straightforward from Taylor, cruising now, finishing pretty good too.