Premier League Darts



RVB 2-5 PT. Barney hits his first maximum and doesn't seem bothered about it. Head dropping a little, but does hit d16 for the hold.

RVB 2-6 PT. Taylor starts with a 180, but does give Barney a sniff at, can't hit bull. Two dart 80 guarantees point for Taylor.

RVB 3-6 PT. Barney can't hit d18 for the leg, but he's got a lead and gets to come back and finish off. Taylor with darts now though.

RVB 4-6 PT. Well well - there's one of the breaks Barney needed, a missed d16 let him in, took out 61 ending on d4!

RVB 5-6 PT. He's still in it! Takes out 106 with Phil sitting on d16. Taylor throws for the match now.

PHIL TAYLOR BEATS RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD 7-5! Gets well ahead, can afford to miss darts at doubles. Next visit - d2 for the win.

Not huge differences in the averages or checkouts, Taylor just did enough to get the two points.

So Taylor marches on, whilst Barney could end up bottom of the (active) table if he loses to Thornton in the night's last match.

Next up, Wade v Lewis in a vital match for a top four spot.

Players on the stage, it's Wade with the throw - game on!