Premier League Darts



JW 1-0 AL. First maximum of the match for Lewis, but steady scoring from Wade keeps him ahead, and it's a hold to start.

JW 1-1 AL. Nice 108 checkout from Lewis to level things up. Both averaging around 100 in the early stages.

JW 1-2 AL. Lewis starting to look in the mood - gets ahead and gets the early break. Too many low scores from Wade too.

JW 1-3 AL. Chances missed for Wade there - had a chance to break back, missed d20, and that's three in a row for Lewis.

JW 1-4 AL. Second break for Lewis, takes out 76 that time. He's 4/4 on the doubles, and may wrap this up before too long.

JW 2-4 AL. Well that was inevitable - Lewis misses three darts at double, and Wade gets a break back with d18.

JW 3-4 AL. Better leg from Wade, starts with a maximum and stays ahead. But can't hit 84, Lewis misses d12 for 101...Wade holds.

JW 4-4 AL. Lewis has six from 141, leaves 56 after three, can't finish it. Wade has 101 left...yes, hits it! Didn't see that coming!

JW 5-4 AL. Match each other all the way down there, Wade first at 121, and hits it! On fire now, leads!