Premier League Darts




JW 5-5 AL. Did that so very coolly, did Lewis - 180, 177, 144, didn't break stride at all.

JW 5-6 AL. Lewis back in front, breaks Wade, riding on the wave of that nine darter. Throws for the match now.

ADRIAN LEWIS BEATS JAMES WADE 7-5! Wade had a shot at bull for a 161, just missed, Lewis holds on for the win. Great match!

Stats. Wade actually had the better checkout stats by the end.

After that excitement, a few minutes to calm down before van Gerwen v Anderson! Have a current table...

Players on the stage, it's van Gerwen to throw first - game on!

MVG 1-0 GA. Solid scoring from both, quick leg and it's van Gerwen with the hold with an 82 checkout.

MVG 1-1 GA. van Gerwen very close to a 170 checkout - misses bull - Anderson holds with d20. Shaping up to be a good one.

MVG 2-1 GA. Two 180s in that leg for the Dutchman, and he's hit another in the next leg. Average around 120.