Premier League Darts



MVG 2-2 GA. Anderson is staying with van Gerwen, and he holds there to tie things up. Zipping along, this match.

Both averages north of 115 at the moment. Another maximum for van Gerwen.

MVG 3-2 GA. Little bit of pressure on the 68 for van Gerwen, but it doesn't matter. Holds.

MVG 3-3 GA. Another chance to break for MVG, but can't hit d16 to finish off 152. Anderson staying with him. High quality stuff.

MVG 4-3 GA. 180s apiece in that leg, and van Gerwen holds with one dart.

MVG 4-4 GA. van Gerwen seems to have one slack visit on the Anderson throw. Anderson holds with 64 out.

MVG 5-4 GA. A few low scores, but then MVG hits his sixth 180. Anderson hits his second, but MVG hits d16 to hold.

MVG 5-5 GA. It's just silly now. MVG has a potential chance to break, but Anderson has a chance at 119 first - which he hits!

MVG 6-5 GA. Just the single dart needed at d20 for van Gerwen, had a bit of a lead. Anderson starts with a 180 in final leg.

MICHAEL VAN GERWEN AND GARY ANDERSON DRAW 6-6! What a fantastic match, great quality, played at breakneck speed - superb stuff.