Premier League Darts



The good start from Anderson in that final leg was key as he stayed ahead, only needed one dart at the double.

Some (impressive) stats for you:

I fear Thornton and Barney will be a bit of an anti-climax after that, but you never know!

Players on the way to the stage for the final match. Barney looks like he'd rather be anywhere else.

It's Barney with the darts - game on!

RVB 1-0 RT. Scrappy leg from Thornton, quite unlike his earlier performance. Easy hold for Barney.

RVB 1-1 RT. A reverse of the first leg, easy hold for Thornton that time. Definate 'after the Lord Mayor's show' feel about this one.

RVB 2-1 RT. Barney playing better now, maybe feeling the pressure is off.

RVB 3-1 RT. First break of throw goes the way of the Dutchman. Average nudging up a bit.

RVB 3-2 RT. Immediate break back from Thornton, nice 96 finish. Impressed that crowd still there, bar can't be closed yet.