Premier League Darts



RVB 3-3 RT. Straightforward hold from Thornton that time to tie things up. Seems a little unfair on players to put this match on last...

RVB 4-3 RT. After a truly inept display of finishing from both, it's RVB that manages to hold on with d2.

RVB 4-4 RT. Decent 101 checkout from Thornton to level it all up. We're crawling towards a finish here, people!

RVB 5-4 RT. Third 180 of the night for Barney leads to a one dart d12 to move a leg away from a guaranteed point.

RVB 6-4 RT. There's the break. Good darts from Barney in the last couple of legs, gets ahead and hits d8 for the leg. Starts with 180 too...

RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD BEATS ROBERT THORNTON 7-4! 91 checkout for RVB, doesn't stop him looking somewhat bereft though.

Nothing much to write home about in that match - modest stats:

And the up to date table:

So it's a four point lead for Taylor, although has played one match more than his nearest rivals.

Quite an evening then! Great 16 minute draw between van Gerwen and Anderson, but the highlight, for me anyway, the nine darter from Lewis.