The Magnificent Seven Trailer



It was the western film of the 1960s. McQueen. Brynner. Wallach. Bronson. Vaughan. Buchholz. Coburn. Memories. ?????

And now, over 50 years later, the Magnificent Seven is back! With a rather different lineup...????

Yes, Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt and Ethan Hawke are all part of the 2016...the trailer for which dropped just this very morning.

It was due to star the likes of Tom Cruise, Kevin Costner and Matt Damon...but it didn't quite work out for them.

But don't least our very own Vinnie Jones is in it...just not in the trailer...

The film is scheduled for release on September 23rd this year. Will it be a root-a-tooting classic like the original? Time will tell.

Here's the trailer for that original from 1960...ever so slightly different from today's one, eh?