Premier League Darts



Barney with 64 for the match, T16 but misses two at D8

D4 must go for RVB.....great marker, and then he pops it in the middle of the bed..we have a winner!


Not a classic encounter, Lewis very much off the pace, and Barneveld very steady, which was more than good enough

James Wade will be more than pleased with that result, lets see if he can capitalise now

Gary Anderson will of course have something to say about it,has a 1pt advantage on Wadey, and a game in hand, a win this evening will be big

Obviously i need to give you a Shippo Tip...Anderson 7-5 Wade

I always find Wade easy to back against, but he has always liked the Premier League, and is generally consistent if not spectacular

Averages in the last game 93 BARNEY and 90 LEWIS, want to see 100+ here, usually no problem for Anderson

Anderson looking cheery and relaxed, Wade never one to give much away when on the oche