Houston Rockets

Golden State Warriors



Hello ladies and gentleman. @alexcatto33 here covering game 3 of the Warriors/Houston playoff series.

Ought to be a great game in Houston today. For those if you who have missed it, Steph Curry will NOT play today.

Personally dont think it will matter. Rockets struggled to defend even without Curry on the floor in game 2.

If the Rockets are to get a win here today it will be down to defense. Warriors have the greatest offense in the league.

We wont go into the Rockets defense because it literally didnt exist in the last game.


Barnes gets us started with the first basket. Great turn around jumper.

Q1 10:24 Rockers away early. Rebound off a missed free throw. Steve Kerr with head in hands.

Q1 9:07 Green finds Livingston for the alley-oop. Harden finds howard with the alley-oop. Turning the clock back to 2008. GSW timeout.

Q1 7:02 Warriors moving the ball nicely early. Harden finds Howard again with they alley. They look in tune early.