London Marathon



Crash! The roads are still wet. Whoever that was is back up. Oh, there's my old house in the helicopter shot!

Mark Dannell

Ha love it when you see stuff you know!


Drives my family nuts every year!

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The elite women will be off in a bit. In the meantime here's the list of 'celebrities' taking part

Mark Dannell

What are the odds on Dame Kelly finishing first out of that bunch? Gotta be worth a few bob!


Yeah she's playing it down but she'll be up there.

I haven't heard of most of them but its your usual bunch of minor soap actors, TOWIE types and former sporty folk.

Elite women's start list

Tufa is the defending champion.

There are some brits in there looking for Olympic qualification times. And they're off.

A split already - the main contenders in front, brits behind!

Wheelchair racers are passing the Cutty Sark. I've spent many happy times in the pub just beside it (The Spanish Galleon!)

BBC are focused on the British women, being led at the moment by Susan Partridge. The real elite bunch are about 15 to 20 seconds ahead.

Now there's 35000 ish people taking part this year and if you know one of them you can tweet a photo and brief details to @bythemins...