London Marathon



We are having a minute's applause for on of the original organisers who died recently, John Disley

Lots of big names in the men's elite race. Its super competitive. I notice Mo Farah hasn't bothered this year.

Tim Peake up there is our official starter. He's so cute! Countdown... Go!

Here's the favourites

At some point we'll have the millionth finisher of the London Marathon today. It will be a few weeks before the individual is confirmed tho

Give a name check to any friends or family running or tweet my a pic and I will add it here. @bytheminathlete

A quick 4 minutes 30 seconds for the men's first mile!

Great crowd of people nervously shuffling forward

Wheelchair athletes now. Tatiana McFadden in the lead ahead of Manuela Shah. Brit Shelley Woods has retired

Marcel Hug is leading a group of the men. Wier wolf is there.