London Marathon



Elite women, they've slowed a bit in the last few miles. Still Ketany in the lead in a bunch of about 5 or 6 Ethiopian and Kenyan athletes.

Interesting selection of banners from supporters

It looks like fun doing a wheelchair marathon but an hour and a half in that position has to ache!

Mechanical issues added to the mix.

Elite women are crossing Tower Bridge. Same group lead but pace has really dropped.

Just checked the tracker and it looks like Sabrina hasn't yet got to the start line! Let me know where your friends and family are!

The 5 British women are still running in a group and tactics mean the pace is slow.

Men's wheelchairs heating up as they near the finish. 4 or 5 could still win from here.

Wier going wide but can't get round. Hug wins with Fearnley second and Wier third.

Here's that finish