London Marathon



Meanwhile the elite men pacemakers are setting a super fast pace

Kipsang took a tumble at a water table a minute ago.

Women's wheelchair race, between McFadden and Shah as they enter the Mall

Tatiana McFadden just a bit too strong and wins her 4th London Marathon in a row.

McFadden crossing the line

Halfway stats for British women

This is Catherine Hutchinson from Worcester running for the Motor Neurone Disease Association

Amanda Gregory

Wishing you all the best every step of the way! You'll smash it! Catherine is amazing... she started a running group at work... OPD goes running....couch to 5k. .. she has been an amazing coach... about 8 of us in the group who could barely run for 1 minute at the beginning. She has been a constant support of motivation, commitment and encouragement . Three of us have managed a run of "26.2" minutes this morning !!! Go girl .. we're all behind you xxxxxxx


Yey! Go Catherine. Thanks for that Amanda!

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Kipsang has just told the pacemakers to slow down a bit but at 12 miles they are on for a World Record!

Back in the melée Sabrina is at 8.6km

The top men are using unusual tactics and getting in a mess at a water station but still on world record pace.