London Marathon




Men's pacemaker has just dropped off. Bekele is struggling to stay in touch with Biwott and Kipchoge

In the women's race Sumgong is looking good considering she banged her head in the fall. Leading with Dibaba and Tufa

Samuels and Dixon are the top placed British women.

Tewelde is top placed British man being chased by Thompson. These scraps are important for Olympic qualification

Kipchoge and Biwott have shaken off all competition and at 19miles are still within world record pace.

Sumgong and Dibaba on the Embankment now.

The women now on Birdcage Walk and approach the Mall. Sumgong ahead of Tufa.

Jemima Sumgong of Kenya wins the London Marathon 2016.

Tigist Tufa, Ethiopia, second.