The Apprentice



#theapprentice 45 minutes to go.... Get your cuppa and your firing finger ready!

So let's get the p*** up in a brewery jokes out of the way now shall we #theapprentice Kids party time TH

NH - Ah yes, The Apprentice. The real star is Claude - He's really Dr. Evil minus a few pounds in a sharp suit. MWAHAHAHAAAA

NH - 9 down in the last 7 weeks. No, not The Apprentice, it's the Arsenal Injury Room. Alright, it is The Apprentice.

The largest collection of children's things. Made bigger by the addition of #theapprentice candidates

NH - Planning a party for a kid. TWO GRAND BUDGET? Shove the little urchin into McDonalds and stuff his face with nuggets. Jobs a good 'un.

Celina - doesn't have children and doesn't like them - direct quote - good luck lady #theapprentice

NH - Child 1 is Jamal: God...the little smug git. Spoiled rotten is not the word. It's the parents who need the slap though. I'LL DO IT!

I swear they hunted out - made sure they found a party goer w/ a severe - nut allergy - they hit the money shot - the mother #theapprentice

NH - Good point T. I've got a severe allergy too - to spoofing. I'm bright red watching this shower of flutes.