Beyonce's Lemonade



You know that Queen Bey everyone loves. Well she's released a new album over the weekend. Not that many people have been talking about it...

Yes, on Saturday night her "Lemonade" album dropped on HBO and since then EVERYONE has gone crazy. Like Crazy in love with it.

So here at ByTheMin we want a slice of the Bey we thought we'd watch the whole thing and stick some comments up as it goes on.

So grab a seat...perhaps a glass of carbonated lemon juice...and enjoy this BEY the minute! Get it? BEY the doesn't matter.

We start with a dreadlocked Beyonce with what looks like a meerkat's coat...then a swing..some long grass...tres artistic.

MASSIVE RED CURTAIN. Flashing lights. And Beyonce herself. Hooded. In a wood. This is crazy already.

It's a rather sombre start. I could imagine Sam Smith writing this. Because he's a drab wee soul.

"Intuition" flashes up on the screen. Then Beyonce goes all Obama and makes a speech over some more trees. She likes trees, eh?

Women. Lots of women. More Bey words. Get on with it love. Get some tunes out there. Cut this artistic nonsense.

She swore. Wash your mouth out. Some singing! And Beyonce in the bath. A really old bath too. She's a multi millionaire. Tut..