Absolutely Fabulous Trailer Arrives



Here's also a wee best bits package from the TV show...which still stands the test of time now I'd say. Laters darling!

Here's the full trailer release for you...let us know what you think...

Although, often trailers have all the best bits in them when it comes to comedy. The proof will be in the pudding come 1st July.

So Patsy and Eddy head for the south of France where "everyone is a criminal". It actually looks quite funny.

It all comes about when Moss decides to change her PR company and Patsy sets her heart on bagging the star. Cue comedy fall into the Thames.

The premise looks like the hunt for fashion criminals after Kate Moss is pushed off a boat and, apparently killed, by Eddy. Obviously.

There's a whole host of famous faces from the world of TV, film and fashion in it. Even Sophie Raworth makes an appearance!

Everyone's favourite heavy-drinking, drug-abusing double act are back. The trailer for the eagerly awaited Ab Fab movie arrived today.