#100MomentsIn100Days: Hungary v USSR



Welcome to today's semi final between Hungary and the Soviet Union.

Hungary are the game's superpower having won three of the four previous Olympic gold medals. However Russia recently beat them in Moscow.

That game as you remember was party to some very dubious officiating and as rumour had it the players knocked seven bells out of each other

This game is of course being played in a backdrop of civil unrest in Hungary, as they try to overthrow the Soviet Regime.

Whilst these Summer Olympics in Melbourne have been taking place, Budapest has been strewn with gunfire as students have been protesting

It has also been rumoured that Hungarian PM Imre Nagy who has fallen out of favour with Moscow has been arrested by the Soviet forces...

We will obviously try to update you on that breaking story, but we must concentrate on today's game.

The Soviets who have studied the Hungarian play very closely...(I'm loathe to say spied, due to the times we live in)

Are the slight favourites having got to the semi-final stage comprehensively

However the Hungarians (pictured below) have developed a zonal marking system which has caught their opponents off guard