Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare?



It's that time of the year again, the time where we all ask, "What will the new CoD be?".

I'm @a_buckmaster, and I'm here to help you go through the leaks about the new CoD, this year to be developed by Infinity Ward.

After Ghosts, when the new consoles came out, CoD moved to a 3-year development cycle, so the next game was made by Sledgehammer Games.

Now, since Black Ops 3, Activision have strengthened their partnership with Sony, and gave PS4 timed-exclusive maps, switching from Xbox.

Now, Sony have started the leak, on the PlayStation Store, listing the game in its own sub-section, launching Twitter into a frenzy. Oops.

Obviously, that subsection on the store was taken down immediately once they saw what they have done.

The name does make sense though. Modern Warfare, Advance Warfare, Infinite Warfare? Does this mean more space and dogs?

Now, the kids working at your local GAME or GameStop like spilling things once they get sent them, don't they?

Now this is what got me excited, obviously, because it has a release date around the holiday period, of Friday 4th Nov, but also...

There is a mention of a 'Modern Warfare Remastered', which could either be the whole series, or just Modern Warfare 1.