An Idiots Guide To NFL Draft



It is just 81 days since Peyton Manning led (well sort of) the Denver Broncos to glory in Super Bowl 50. Tonight sees the NFL return to life

The 2016 season starts tonight with the first round of the NFL Draft. But what exactly is the Draft? And why should we be so excited by it.

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Roddy Graham

HAHA! Brilliant.

One of the beauties of US Sport is that they aim for a level of parity, so that one team cannot run away with things year in year out.

To do this there are strict salary caps in place, but also to ensure that the best young players do not all migrate to one team, we have the

Just like the school playground, this sees all the players eligible from the college game, line up to be picked by the 32 NFL teams.

However to ensure that this element of parity remains, the team with the worst record in the previous season gets the 1st pick in the draft.

This continues through all 32 teams until the reigning Super Bowl champions make the last pick.

Of course this being America, it's a real showbiz occasion and has now become a three day event

Tonight is the big night with just the First Round of picks to be made. Friday sees Rounds 2 & 3 before the final 4 rds on Saturday