#100MomentsIn100Days: Anita Lonsbrough's World Record Breaking Swim



Welcome to the Stadio Olimpico del Nuoto here in Rome, for what could be a big night for British swimming

The big two in women's breaststroke will go head to head tonight for Olympic gold.

GBs Anita Lonsbrough up against the German, Wiltrud Urselmann, the woman who took her World Record.

8 women have qualified for this final, a Dane, two Americans, two Dutch, two Germans and Anita. Urselmann & Lonsbrough in the centre lanes

Urselmann making the strong start here. Lonsbrough not too worried as she is usually strongest on the final 50m

Urselmann turns first, Lonsbrough keeping station with the other German, Gobel, also in close attendance

Urselmann makes the half way turn, about a body length ahead of Lonsbrough. This is going to be quite a duel.

The time is looking quick too. World Record is 2:50.2 held by Urselmann. Lonsbrough had it at 2:50.3 previously

Lonsbrough coming back at Urselmann now as they make the final turn.

Lonsbrough pulling her back with every stroke now, 25m to go and she's about to hit the front.