NFL Draft



Good Evening. The Los Angeles Rams are on the clock. The 2016 NFL draft is on the way

I am Stephen Clark - @clarkyboy72 - and I'm here for the next 5 hours or so for the 2016 NFL draft from Chicago

Plenty of stuff to come but I need caffeine and sugar to fuel me up. Back in a few minutes

Ok then - Quick run down of what we can expect tonight. 31 picks, some great names, some horrendous clothes and the unveiling of some stars

Here's the selection order for tonight

And the second half will see this lot pick

New England fans waiting for a selection will be as deflated as Tom Brady's balls. They forfeit their pick as punishment for Deflategate

As you can see the Rams and Eagles have traded up to be in a position to take the two top prospect quarterbacks in the draft.

Will it be Jared Goff

Or will it be Carson Wentz