Rugby U


Leicester 28-17 Worcester in the other game that's the bonus point for the Tigers

48- Best period of play for Saints brings a synical penalty from Cook and he is in the sinbin for 10 minutes. 0-14

49- Bath's 19th yellow card of the season, that must be a record. 0-14

49- Penalty comes for Saints, fairly simple shot but it's turned down, lineout. 0-14

51- Saints rolling maul comes to nothing, more excellent defence from Bath. 0-14

53- Niggly, scrappy, not particularly good quality, you can see why these two are well off the top 4. 0-14

55- Guess what, we've got a scrum 🔫 0-14

TRY SAINTS! Or is it, we are again going back to the TMO, Harrison looks in touch to me. 0-14

Foot in the air, the try has been awarded, Harrison the scorer, well worked. 5-14

57- Myler well wide with the extras, 5-14