Hello everyone, Happy Thanksgiving to you all, I'm @ChrisRolfe16 and ill be keeping you updated with all the going on's in Dallas

Tonight we have the undefeated 10-0 Carolina Panthers traveling to the 3-7 Dallas Cowboys, and amazingly, the Panthers are underdogs

the Cowboys lost 7 in a row without Romo but the big mans back and the Cowboys cant afford loses if they're going to get into the playoffs

The Panthers on the other hand have looked formidable all year and have all but guaranteed themselves a playoff spot

For the Cowboys to win this, they'll have to contain Cam, a tough job but it has to be done to beat these Panthers

Kick off in 10 minutes, I'll be back then

We're ready to go, Panthers will kick it to the Cowboys, Touchback, Romo starts from his own 20

colour rush uniforms for both teams today, McFadden gets us started and picks up 4, 2nd and 6

Romo just misses on a deep pass towards Bryant, great pass coverage, Romo picked!!!!!!!!!!!!

TD PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PICK 6