Green Bay




Hey hey! I'm @jowltyo and we're at a wet and windy Lambeau Field for the NFL's biggest rivalry! No place better for a Thanksgiving evening!

Get your predictions in folks! Closest to the right scoreline gets a high five and turkey emoji from yours truly.

I'm going for a Packers win, but I reckon it's going to be a one score game. Vintage.

Coin toss done and done. Bears defer. #Packers to receive. Just minutes away!

Big question, what team is going to do best with the weather tonight? 20mph winds and rain. Proper football weather.

Here we go! Gould to kick off for the Bears. Let's go!

Janis picks it up in the endzone and takes it to the 15-yard line.

Rodgers put under pressure straight away, manages to throw it away before a sack at the 5-yard line. 2nd and 10.

Lacy takes it on the run, twisting and turning, gains 29 yards! 1st down.

Lacy will take it again, 5 more yards. Hair flowing in the wind. Just beautiful.