Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Is Here!



IT'S HERE! It caught me off guard, but it is official! Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Friday 4th November!

But. more importantly, Modern Warfare: Remastered! But it is a download, with the Legacy edition on PS4, X1, and PC!

For those to see the trailer, here you go!

The new Star Wars...Sorry, CoD game.. Goes back to the very unpopular space theme, with even ship fighting in space...

It reminds me heavily of Elite: Dangerous, mixed with CoD, and Star Wars. You may find Kylo Ren somewhere?

There's also a tribute to David Bowie in there, but the song is quite painfully sung, slightly hurting my already-damaged ears...

But the thing closest to my heart, the Remaster has the campaign and the 10 maps as we previously reported, but it seems to be bundled.

Meaning if you want a great game, you're gonna have to buy the new Halo/ Star Wars/ CoD game as well...

Here is the pricing for the editions of the game, all in Dollars though, I will try and convert though!

Legacy = £55~ Digital Deluxe = £70~ Legacy Pro = £80~