Special Correspondents



Morning movie fans. Roddy Graham here to do some live reviewing of a new cinematic release. But not from the cinema!

No...no...Ricky Gervais is WAAAAAY too cool for Cineworld. He's released new move "Special Correspondents" on Netflix. Because he can.

The beauty of that is I get to watch it (and live review it) from the comfort of my sofa. Without sitting in the dark. Or next to weirdos.

So sit back...relax...chill (if you must...) and enjoy this live review of a new movie. It'll be more Mayo than Kermode, I feel...

And on that note...

Right then people, let's do this. No trailers. No popcorn munchers beside me. Just me. And a film. Glorious.

Wee Netflix logo to begin with. Plenty buildings and bridge too. AND HULK!!!

God he's a cool guy, eh. Apple eating. Teddy buying for strangers. Sunglasses. I hate him.

So Bana is a copper. A detective. And he enters so form of hotel. His name is Frank Wankovitch. I think. *titters*

Ahhh...no he's not...he's a phony. He's working with David Brent for a news radio station. Crooked journalist? Never.