Special Correspondents



I've been Roddy Graham. And if I were you, I'd find something else on Netflix to entertain you for 105 minutes. Chow for now.

I hope that the David Brent movie in the summer is a lot funnier than that. Please Ricky. Please.

Good premise - spoiled. Weak characters. Plot that was all over the place. Jokes thin. If I'm giving stars. 2. Max.

As I said earlier, I really did want to enjoy that. But it was a mess. Big fan of Ricky. Not a fan of that.

"This is like the end of a movie" "A low budget movie" The last words of the film. Not ironic in any way.

And Brent has FINALLY bought that woman from the radio station a coffee. Happy endings all round.

Must say, for national heroes, there's not many people on the runway to see them home. 80 max?

They have indeed made it to the US embassy. And on their way home. Tears to my eyes.

And having his lived his whole life as the underdog, Brent now has a better shot that Bond. Video games, eh!

Brent is now full to the brim on cocaine. Bana has managed to steal the bandit's gun. No idea at all.