Special Correspondents



Brent's wife is annoying. But I guess that's the schtick that he needs to shoot for so we feel uber sorry for DB.

Thin Rafa is now giving Bana an assignment. Abroad. Ecuador. And Brent is getting the call to go with him. BUT WAIT...IT'S UGLY BETTY!!

First laugh..."that's not how you spell suicide" over a letter from Brent to his "wife". 5 more to go to pass the 6 laugh test.

And in no time at all....Brent is on his way. Bullet proof vest and all. Despite the size of it. Brent KEEPS going on about the letter.

Bana "danger's my middle name" Brent "Mine's Dennis" I guess I was meant to laugh there...I didn;t.

Oh would you look at that?! Instead of throwing the letter away...BRENT CHUCKED THE PASSPORTS AND TICKETS AWAY! Oh. No.

Good job Brent and Bana are pals with those mildly looking South American folk, eh? What are the chances of that!?

So Ugly Betty and Hispanic Hipster are going to set Brent and Bana up in a room upstairs. And they'll broadcast from there. Genius.

I wanted to like this. I really did. But it's got a LOT to do after this first act. I'm not buying any of the characters. Or the plot.

Wee connection between Brent and Bana as he plays about with Garageband. But the Ecuador borders have been closed.